A bunch of glittery bananas hang from a string tied to the ceiling, hovering over a fluffy pink circle which has bedazzled plank of wood and a stick propped against each other, a kind of low-fi trapping apparatus for some kind of animal. If one looks closely they might notice a miniature pink candy cake under the plank and stick trap- perhaps this is the bait? It is hard to look away from the hanging glittery bananas though- twirling with the natural air flow in the gallery, are they meant to evoke a gleeful disco ball? Or is this eye-candy the actual bait in the trap?

I’m interested in making art that seeks to unfold the layered experiences of the human condition, through ephemeral objects and the language of truisms. My goal is to connect with others by inviting curiosity and empathy within a strangeness of recognition. My work speaks to a troubled and sarcastic playground of a mind. A joyful, mischievous mind, a mind that holds tenderness and pain and nonsense. A mind seeking answers both hard and soft. A mind that can’t make up its mind. “A mind like a banana trap.”